The Last Ride of the Year



Stagecoach XIX
Wednesday, December 30, 2015



Stagecoach Cafe
52860 Hwy 59
Stockton, AL 36579



Click here for a brief history of
“The Annual Last Ride of the Year”
at the Stagecoach Café in Stockton, Alabama


The Annual Last Ride of the Year - Stagecoach XIX will celebrate our 19 year tradition of inviting riders from around the country to reunite with old friends, meet new ones, and enjoy a great southern country style buffet lunch.  Riders typically start showing up throughout the morning and fill up the parking lot by noon.  Most years the lot will be almost empty again by 1:30 or 2:00 pm as riders head home to complete their last ride of the year.

In addition to the traditional lunch buffet, the gracious staff at the Café will serve a breakfast buffet for early arrivals.    Early risers should be able to start enjoying coffee and breakfast around 8:00 am. 

We are also continuing the tradition of giving out a few awards at the RTE.  There will be a sign in sheet at the door and you must register to qualify for the awards. 

We want to encourage long distance riding, because that is what we do and that is how The Annual Last Ride of the Year got started, so we will have an award for the longest distance ridden to the event.  Be prepared to back up your claim with Iron Butt style receipts if asked.

We want to encourage new riders to enjoy what motorcycling has to offer, so we have an award for the youngest licensed rider to ride their motorcycle to the event.  We had to exclude passengers a few years ago, because some folks were getting pretty competitive and we did not want to eventually see someone pulling up with an infant seat strapped on the back of a bike. JJ

We want to encourage older riders to continue to ride, so we have an award for the oldest rider that rides their motorcycle to the event.  Please note that trikes are welcome at the Stagecoach, but they do not qualify for awards.

We also like vintage motorcycles and want to encourage riders to keep older bikes running and providing their riders with open road enjoyment, so we have an award for the oldest bike ridden from the rider’s home to the event.

We hope you will make plans to help us celebrate our 19th year of good food and good fun by attending the 2015 version of The Annual Last Ride of the Year - Stagecoach XIX in Stockton, Alabama to enjoy some southern hospitality at its finest … and hopefully add The Annual Last Ride of the Year to your list of “must do” riding traditions.

We’re trying to expand our archive of photographs from previous Stagecoach RTEs.  Please contact us at if you would like to link your photos to the site.

We greatly appreciate the time and effort provided by fellow long distance rider Jim Weaver to create and host this website. JMH